About The Gift: Awakening

The Gift - Awakening

Every Gift Has Its Price … 

The Gift: Awakening is the first book of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary fantasy series by J.P. McLean. This fast-paced thriller chronicles the adventures of Emelynn Taylor, the unwitting recipient of an incredible gift from a stranger on a west coast beach. This wasn’t an ordinary gift. It didn’t come wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow, nor can it ever be returned. 

Soon after, tragedy strikes Emelynn’s family and she’s torn from the only home she’s ever known and moved halfway across the country. In Toronto, Emelynn is left to cope with an absentee mother and a gift that turns out to be much more than night vision. Strange dreams and terrifying abilities she can’t control haunt her. As she grows into a young woman, she’s forced to lie and keep secrets to fit in.  Worse still, the gift is changing… growing… getting harder to hide and its unpredictability increasingly puts Emelynn’s sanity on the line and her life in danger. 

In a desperate move to regain control over her life, Emelynn returns to the west coast and settles in her family’s old house on the beach, where it all began. Emboldened by her new setting, Emelynn attempts to harness her unruly gift. Unfortunately, a near-fatal miscalculation lands her in the hospital, alerting a secret society and setting in motion a thrilling and perilous intrigue. 

Emelynn quickly finds herself caught up in a rollercoaster ride of hidden agendas and conspiracies. What follows is an intense journey of self-discovery as Emelynn struggles to master her gift, discern friend from foe and uncover her true destiny, a calling that leads her into a vortex of mystery, wonder and intrigue that promise to change her—and her world—forever. 

Publish Date:   November 2015

Publisher:WindStorm Press, British Columbia, Canada
        Paperback     978-0-9936004-5-6
        MOBI eBook   978-0-9936004-7-0
        EPUB ebook   978-0-9936004-6-3
        PDF                 978-0-9936004-8-7
8 ½ x 5 ½ – Pages 324
BISAC Codes:  FIC009010, FIC031000, FIC002000
Categories:  Fantasy/Contemporary, Thriller, Action & Adventure

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