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The Gift - Penance

Vengeance for the Forsaken …

What would you do if your wife left you for your worst enemy, and then proceeded to empty your bank account? When Jackson Delaney learns that his wife betrayed him for his half-brother, nothing less than revenge will quench the fire in his soul.

But first he has to find them.

Jackson joins forces with an unlikely partner—his wife’s brother. They put aside their warring motives, and dive headlong into a search that will test their characters and break the laws of two worlds. And when Jackson meets Emelynn Taylor, a mysterious young woman with no knowledge of her arcane and powerful gift, he recklessly lures her into his vengeful mission.

But nothing is what it seems, and from a single deception grows a web of strangling lies.

Betrayal careens on a high-speed chase, from the gentile character of New Orleans to the rugged beauty of the North American west coast.


In this riveting recast of events that took place in Awakening, the viewpoint shifts to that of Emelynn Taylor’s first love, the darkly handsome Jackson. He may possess the same mysterious, life-altering gift as Emelynn does, but he has a very different perspective -- especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. Author JP McLean possesses her own unique gift: the ability to bewitch her readers with her boundless imagination.

       – Elinor Florence, Bestselling Author of Bird’s Eye View

JP McLean has a style and immediacy of detail that pulls the reader into a complex tale set with all-too-human characters ruled by their extraordinary capabilities. Exciting action and conflict of loyalties make this a fantastic page-turner.

       – Kristina Stanley, Bestselling Author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series.

Publish Date: November 15, 2016

Publisher: Windstorm Press, British Columbia, Canada
        Paperback     978-1-988125-09-1
        MOBI eBook   978-1-988125-10-7
        EPUB ebook   978-1-988125-11-4
        PDF                 978-1-988125-12-1
8 ½ x 5 ½ – Pages 324

BISAC Codes: FIC009010, FIC031000, FIC002000
Categories:  Fantasy/Contemporary, Thriller, Action & Adventure

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