About The Gift: Redemption

The Gift: Redemption

The Gift: Redemption is the third book of The Gift Legacy by J.P. McLean. This whirlwind thriller is a contemporary fantasy set on the coast of British Columbia. Young Emelynn Taylor has barely survived a brutal attack by a Machiavellian who coveted her gift. Now recovering, she seeks balance in her life, an accord with her unruly gift, and a new beginning. Instead, she collides with intrigue and becomes the target of faceless terrorism. With nowhere else to turn when the terrorists direct their deadly attention to her covey, she joins forces with law enforcement to hunt down her anonymous assailants.

But there’s no stopping the escalating violence and when it breaches the inner circle of the Tribunal Novem, the powerful within it give in to paranoia and control, trapping Emelynn in an archaic web of ritual and deceit. In her search for the truth, Emelynn uncovers a tyrannous plot that threatens to upset the balance of power in her world and expose the gift … and all those who possess it.

In this enthralling third installment of The Gift Legacy, Emelynn is in a chase for her very life, but whom can she trust? There’s the vengeful Tribunal with splintered ties to her father; the taciturn private investigator with disturbing talents and intimate knowledge of her personal secrets; and the law officers with their own agenda.

Who is her anonymous assailant and will Emelynn have the strength and courage to solve the mystery that promises to destroy all that she has come to love?

Publish Date: December 2015

Publisher:       WindStorm Press, British Columbia, Canada
 Paperback    978-1-988125-03-9
MOBI           978-1-988125-04-6
 EPUB           978-1-988125-05-3
 PDF             978-1-988125-06-0

8 ½ x 5 ½ –Pages 314
BISAC Codes: FIC009010 – FIC031000 – FIC002000
Categories: Fantasy/Contemporary, Thriller, Action & Adventure

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