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The Gift: RevelationDangerous Alliances …

The Gift: Revelation is the second book of The Gift Legacy, a contemporary thriller series with a twist of fantasy, by J.P. McLean. Revelation propels heroine Emelynn Taylor into high gear as she unravels ominous threads that expose the dark and dangerous underbelly of a world she can’t escape.

Struggling to command her unusual gift and make a place for herself in a covey of her peers, Emelynn stumbles across secrets that will undermine everything she has tried to create: secrets that tie Emelynn and her father to the mysterious woman who irrevocably gifted Emelynn; secrets about her father’s long-buried book written in ancient script with potent words; secrets that link Emelynn to the vigilante Tribunal.

Nerves fray in the wake of late-night disturbances, missing files and pilfered e-mails. Tensions escalate following a midnight “visit” by the Tribunal and a harrowing chase by unknown pursuers which forces Emelynn into an uneasy alliance with an enigmatic flier with unsavory connections. She walks the precarious path between her two worlds and tries in vain to exorcise her demons in the arms of a stranger. 

When her two worlds collide, Emelynn discovers the true portent of her extraordinary gift and is ruthlessly thrust into the heart of a global struggle of forces even more treacherous than the Tribunal. When their designs on her are unveiled, she learns the disturbing truth of a new and lethal danger not only to her and her covey, but to those dearest to her heart. And now, she must risk everything to thwart the deadly threat…but at what cost?

Publish Date:   November 2015

Publisher:        WindStorm Press, British Columbia, Canada
Paperback      978-0-9936004-9-4
MOBI               978-1-988125-00-8
EPUB               978-1-988125-01-5
PDF                 978-1-988125-02-2
8 ½ x 5 ½ –Pages 314  
BISAC Codes: FIC009010 – FIC031000 – FIC002000
Categories: Fantasy/Contemporary, Thriller, Action & Adventure

Distributed by Ingram Book Company

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