The Gift: Penance


 An exciting journey.
      —Giselle Roeder,
      Author of We Don't Talk About That. 

Fun, exciting and addictive.
     —Annie Siegel

Dynamic and nicely layered.
      —Sussan Thomson

The Gift - Penence

The Gift: Awakening
follows the heroic journey of a young woman in her quest to overcome the burden of an extraordinary gift and find her unique place in the world. Emelynn Taylor’s new powers, bestowed unceremoniously and unasked for, thrust her into a vortex of mystery, wonder and intrigue that promise to change her—and her world— forever.

Publish Date: May 2015

Publisher:WindStorm Press, British Columbia, Canada
ISBN: eBook           978-1-4602-0202-9
         Hardcover     978-1-4602-0201-2
         Paperback     978-1-4602-0200-5
8 ½ x 5 ½ –Pages 307 - Black and White
BISAC Codes:  FIC009010, FIC031000, FIC002000
Categories:  Fantasy/Contemporary, Thriller, Action  & Adventure