What people are saying about The Gift Legacy Series

"Awakening is a deeply moving book and it will stay with you forever. It's gentle and lyric, and it's dark and hard. It's an intelligent novel, generously sprinkled with beautiful, subtle humor, and written by a natural storyteller."
       —J.F. Kaufmann, Author of The Langaer Chronicles

“A thoroughly enjoyable read. J.P. McLean captures your attention from the get-go, and you’re hooked before you flip the first page. Before too long, she skillfully manages to have you question what you once thought impossible.”
      —Island Gals Magazine

The Gift - Awakening

“A superbly crafted fantasy thriller about a woman with an unusual gift, where love sex and danger are uneasy but thrilling companions. JP McLean continues to excite with her story about a woman, whose unusual gift makes her prey in a world where danger lurks behind every corner.”
     —Diana Stevan, Author of A Cry from the Deep

“Another passionate and fun romp on land and in the skies from J.P. Mclean. Her adventure fantasy series, while full of tense and dangerous moments, is also playful and expansive.”
     —Bill Engleson, Author of Like a Child to Home

The Gift - Revelation

“There is something in JP Mclean’s series that I haven’t found in many other books of this genre: it’s original, it’s plausible, it’s intelligent. No cliches, no stereotypes, no romanticized love stories …  But that’s not all and hopefully, after I read the last book in the series, I’ll be able to fully explain this beautiful reading experience.”
     —J.F. Kaufmann, Author of The Langaer Chronicles

“How can [J.P. McLean] turn a ‘serious history writer’ like me into a fan of her fantasy? I don't know. But she gets you. What an imagination! ... Deserves at least 6 stars! J.P. McLean has outdone herself. It was with me day and night. The Gift series was to me and is a gift to many readers wanting to escape an ordinary life.”
     —Giselle Roeder, Author of We Don’t Talk About That

The Gift - Redemption

“Yet another unbelievably well written and exciting follow up book. As always it is full of action. Superbly rich in detail and police and other technical areas, the author gets better and better! Always afraid that this will be the last in the series I was delighted by the ending and of course to know that The Gift Betrayal is coming soon. I would read this author’s shopping list if she’d let me. Excellent, fascinating, exciting…I can’t get enough!”
      —Pat McDonald, British Crime Author

“Fun, exciting and addictive.”
     —Annie Siegel, Jazz Musician and Lyricist

The Gift - Penance

“In this riveting recast of events that took place in Awakening, the viewpoint shifts to that of Emelynn Taylor’s first love, the darkly handsome Jackson. He may possess the same mysterious, life-altering gift as Emelynn does, but he has a very different perspective – especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. Author JP McLean possesses her own unique gift: the ability to bewitch her readers with her boundless imagination.”
     —Elinor Florence, Bestselling Author of Bird’s Eye View

“JP McLean has a style and immediacy of detail that pulls the reader into a complex tale set with all-too-human characters ruled by their extraordinary capabilities. Exciting action and conflict of loyalties make this a fantastic page-turner.”
     —Kristina Stanley, Bestselling Author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series

The Gift - Betrayal

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